Frosty Dive Water Chiller Warranty Information

Effective Date: 01/07/2023

Free One-Year Warranty

Warranty Coverage:

At Frosty Dive, we take pride in offering our customers reliable and efficient products. As a part of our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction, we provide a free one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects in your Frosty Dive Water Chiller. This warranty is applicable from the date of your purchase and extends for 12 months.

Our one-year warranty covers manufacturing defects in Frosty Dive Water Chillers, effective from the purchase date. This warranty applies exclusively to the chillers and does not extend to accessories or the ice bath plunge.

Claim Process:
For issues, consult the user manual first, then contact our support team for assistance. Providing a video of the problem can help expedite the process.

- Accessories and the ice bath plunge are not covered.
- Warranty void if the chiller is used in inadequately ventilated areas, with excessive water volumes, or installed/used contrary to guidelines.
- Defects must be reported within 48 hours of delivery with valid evidence.
- Damage due to incorrect voltage use, such as compressor burnout, is excluded.
- Warranty is exclusive to water chillers only.

Return Policy:
Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase if the product is unused, undamaged, or not defective.

Legal Protections:
This warranty is legally binding and designed to prevent misuse. Customers are responsible for proper use and maintenance. Unauthorized modifications or repairs nullify the warranty.

For complete details and assistance, contact