Frosty Dive Water Chiller Setup Guide

Welcome to the Frosty Dive Water Chiller setup guide! Here, you'll find step-by-step instructions to help you set up your Frosty Dive Water Chiller for efficient cooling. Please follow these guidelines carefully to ensure a smooth installation process.

Step 1: Unboxing and Stabilization

  • Start by opening the entire box and removing all hoses and equipment.
  • Allow the chiller to stabilize for 2-6 hours. This is essential because, like a fridge, it contains gases that need to settle.

Step 2: Proper Placement

  • Ensure that the chiller is placed in a well-ventilated area where you intend to use it.

Step 3: Water Filling

  • Make sure the chiller is filled with water to the appropriate level.

Step 4: Water Connector Check

  • Double-check that the two water connectors on top of the chiller are securely attached. Use the small sealing rings provided. Avoid over-tightening, as this might damage the connectors.

Step 5: Hose Connections

  • Ensure the 2-meter hose is connected to the water connector, using the clamps provided.
  • Also, connect the 1-meter hose to the other side of the water connectors in the same manner.
  • Place the free end of the 2-meter hose into the ice bath(It can be connected to the ice bath if it has additional valve for Inlet).

Step 6: Water Pump Setup

  • Fill the 1-meter hose with water.
  • Connect it to the water pump, making sure the arrow on the pump is pointing towards the chiller.

Step 7: Filter Assembly

  • Connect the filter assembly and fill it with water. The pump should start once it detects water.
  • Attach the 0.4-meter hose to the filter assembly, adding water from the hose.
  • Ensure there's no air in the hose or filter assembly, as this can affect water flow.

Step 8: Tap Connection

  • Connect the end of the water hose to the bath's connector or tap.
  • Turn on the tap to initiate water circulation.(If you don't have the ice bath plunge and you're using our chiller with your bathtub, Jacuzzi, ice barrels, then you just need to submerge the ends of the hoses in the water to circulate the water for cooling).

Step 9: Power Connection

  • Plug in the power cords for both the chiller and water pump. Make sure they are connected to separate sockets.
  • Turn both devices on and allow them to run.

Important Notes:

  • The water pump is designed to push water for circulation. Ensure it is connected below the tub or not very high from the tub to maintain proper water pressure for circulation.
  • Fill the chiller with water to the top before connecting hoses, pump, and filter assembly. The chiller may break down without adequate water.
  • Fill water in the pump, chiller, hoses, and filter assembly to ensure proper operation and prevent damage.

Following these steps will help you set up your Frosty Dive Water Chiller effectively. If you have any questions or encounter issues during setup, please feel free to contact us for assistance. We are here to ensure your Frosty Dive Water Chiller functions optimally, providing you with the cooling solution you need.

Enjoy your chilled water, and thank you for choosing Frosty Dive!

The Frosty Dive Customer Support Team